Obesity: a Critical Health Problem

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. More than one-third of adults and 17 percent of youth in the United States were obese in 2011-2014. The prevalence of obesity is … Read More

This is Your Body on Sugar

I want to talk about something that I have hinted at in a couple past articles: the way burning sugar affects your energy levels and health. It is relatively common knowledge that when you eat sugar, you’re going to have an energy spike. As we discussed in the last article, … Read More

The Facts About Sugar

We are suffering from a chronic disease epidemic. The CDC reported that the leading causes for death in 2014 were from the following chronic diseases: heart disease, cancer, stroke, alzheimer’s, and diabetes. 614,348 people alone died of heart disease in 2014. Chronic disease is responsible for 7 of 10 deaths … Read More

Asymmetry: A Lesson in Acceptance

I’ve been playing with this theme of “asymmetry” and it has come up a lot in both my movement and mindfulness practices. To be asymmetrical means to lack the equality or equivalence between parts or aspects of something; put simply it is a lack of symmetry. As humans, we are … Read More

Deconstructing Oils for Your Health

Oils have a huge importance in health. Depending on the oils you use, oils can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Oils are fats. They’re neutral, nonpolar chemical substances that at ambient temperatures are viscous liquids. They are both hydrophobic (“water fearing”) and lipophilic (“fat loving”). Oils are … Read More

Why You Need a Movement Practice

Movement is a fundamental part of living. Our bodies are designed to move: to run, jump, lift, and throw (and generally be goofy if you so choose). Not only are our bodies masterfully constructed machines capable of these amazing feats, moving is actually good for us. The health benefits of … Read More

Mindfulness – An Introduction

Mindfulness: the key to clarity. Mindfulness is a modern movement deeply rooted in Buddhism that involves being aware moment-to-moment; in the present in one’s own subconscious perspective. When you practice mindfulness, you look to become aware of your own perspective inside your head. You listen to and become in tune … Read More

Why is there No Consensus on Obesity?

This post is taken in part from an answer I posted to a question on Quora (check out my Quora profile here, I try to post as often as I can). At the time I wrote the original post, I was in a bit of a time rush and did not … Read More