Heritage, Health, and Gardening from an Italian American

Growing up in rural Maryland, I remember always having a garden, one that my parents worked on diligently each year to grow fresh food for our family. This garden was central to our family. My parents took great pride in it and were happy to show us the importance of … Read More

How to Holistically Manage Eczema, an Autoimmune Disease

As a little girl, I hated the coming of winter. I knew that with the cold weather would come eczema, the severe reddening of my skin that would itch so badly it would keep me up at night. Not only this, but the terrible skin rashes made me incredibly self-conscious … Read More

Why Everyone Needs a Personalized Diet

A great deal is made between various scientists, health professionals, journalists, and even the general public about what diet is THE diet for weight loss and body optimization. In fact, the health and wellness field is full of people trying to sell you on various diets, strategies, etc. with the … Read More

Taking on Cholesterol Part 2

First a recap from my last post (If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Part 1 check it out here): Cholesterol itself is not bad for you, it is a vital building block of the body, especially for hormone production, brain health, and overall cellular health. Cholesterol in … Read More

Journaling for Women’s Health: My Story

I am such a believer in journaling. For me, writing things down on paper (organizing my thoughts and experiences) is a liberating and gratifying experience. Not until I was going through a lot of ups and downs with my own health did it dawn on me that journaling for health … Read More

Taking on Cholesterol Part 1

Cholesterol and its connection with heart disease are controversial medical topics nowadays. While there is definitely a connection, I would argue (as you’ll see) that the conventional wisdom regarding cholesterol is not on point with the science. There’s far more to it than just the blanket statement “Cholesterol is Bad!”. In … Read More

My Personal Food Journey

I’m going to do something here that many doctors would feel uncomfortable doing. I’m going to tell you my story: my personal journey as it pertains to health, in this case food. Anyone can sit here and tell you what to eat and what not to eat, but I feel … Read More