Why Everyone Needs a Personalized Diet

A great deal is made between various scientists, health professionals, journalists, and even the general public about what diet is THE diet for weight loss and body optimization. In fact, the health and wellness field is full of people trying to sell you on various diets, strategies, etc. with the … Read More

My Personal Food Journey

I’m going to do something here that many doctors would feel uncomfortable doing. I’m going to tell you my story: my personal journey as it pertains to health, in this case food. Anyone can sit here and tell you what to eat and what not to eat, but I feel … Read More

Italian Heritage: 5 Food Lessons Learned

I’m Italian-American, which means I’m picky about the food I eat. I’m sure those of you who grew up in Italian families can relate. Many of my friends and coworkers throughout the years have thought I’m crazy (even my husband Chris thought I was crazy when he first met me). … Read More