Garden Scientist

I remember being a little girl, running out to my grandparent’s yard to meet my grandfather in his garden. I was so young at the time, probably only 4 years old, and I just remember how attached my grandfather was to his garden. It was his laboratory, his outside science … Read More

Post Hoc: Our Garden Project Review for the Year

We provide pictures of our harvested veggies below, a rating from 1-10 of how well we did on each, and then areas for improvement for next year. We definitely had a successful garden year, providing us with whole, nutritious foods to eat! Our onions grew well overall. However, the bulbs … Read More

Canning to Preserve Summer Garden Nutrients

Canning and preserving food is an important way to preserve freshly harvested summer fruits and vegetables from your garden. This year, we decided to can from our garden to preserve the summer ripeness and taste, following traditional Abruzzese canning methods (from my great granny). Preservation allows you to enjoy the hard … Read More

Gardening in the Dog Days of Summer

August has arrived and summer is going by fast! Our garden is HUGE and for newbies, we are pretty proud of our garden growth! Our soil this year seems incredibly nutrient dense, since it has not been used for years. Even without supplementing, our veggies are growing with great yields. … Read More

Swiss Chard 101: Recipes for a Health Boost

Our Swiss chard is growing like crazy in the garden. As you see in our previous post how beautiful this green is with it’s vibrant burgundy stems. Swiss chard is one of the most nutritious greens in the world! Swiss chard is nutrient dense: containing high levels of vitamins A, … Read More

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Summer Garden Growth

In our last post, we discussed gardening after the frost. As summer is progressing, and the days are getting longer (and hotter!), our garden is beginning to really grow and take over!! I have been away for a few weeks in beautiful Denver training for my yoga teacher training focusing … Read More

Garden Update: Greens, Tomatoes, and Lots of Rain

In the last post, we wrote about how certain veggies can be planted before the frost and are less sensitive (such as greens or onions). However, some plants are incredibly sensitive to the frost and temperature changes, so you need to start them indoors before planting them in your garden. … Read More

Garden Update: Before the Frost

Our last blog post discussed seed-starting and how certain plants must be started indoors such as tomatoes and zucchinis. However, you can directly sow some plants in the ground. After preparing our garden plot for proper seeding of our plants, we planted veggies that could survive even through a late … Read More