My Morning Movement Practice

I’ve written previously about the numerous benefits that come from moving your body and having a consistent movement practice. The main issue with this for a lot of people (myself included) is the “consistent” part. Consistency is not easy. If anything I consistently struggle with staying consistent with is exercise … Read More

Asymmetry: A Lesson in Acceptance

I’ve been playing with this theme of “asymmetry” and it has come up a lot in both my movement and mindfulness practices. To be asymmetrical means to lack the equality or equivalence between parts or aspects of something; put simply it is a lack of symmetry. As humans, we are … Read More

Why You Need a Movement Practice

Movement is a fundamental part of living. Our bodies are designed to move: to run, jump, lift, and throw (and generally be goofy if you so choose). Not only are our bodies masterfully constructed machines capable of these amazing feats, moving is actually good for us. The health benefits of … Read More