A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Summer Garden Growth

In our last post, we discussed gardening after the frost. As summer is progressing, and the days are getting longer (and hotter!), our garden is beginning to really grow and take over!!

I have been away for a few weeks in beautiful Denver training for my yoga teacher training focusing on therapeutic yoga. During this time, I completely immersed myself and became fully present to focus on this training. I wanted to take away everything that I could to apply to mind-body medicine. This experience was an incredibly emotional, life-changing experience that has made me more self-aware of my own health. I cannot wait to share with you my experience! I have been developing my mind-body medicine skills, along with learning so much about my own health during my full immersion at a higher altitude (the mile high city!). I will expand on my findings in an upcoming post (stay tuned!).

However, in the meantime, Chris has been taking care of the garden and watching it flourish! I usually am the photographer behind the photos on our website, but he gave it a shot while I was away. I was impressed with his skills and also with the beautiful growth of our garden! I was so ecstatic when he showed me the photos!

This post is pretty much going to focus on images that he took to demonstrate the progress of our garden. As you can see, our greens literally have taken off! We have so much lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, arugula, etc.

The Swiss chard is growing taller with its beautiful red, burgundy stems.

Our zucchini plant is HUGE!!! When my dad told me that we only needed 3 zucchini plants to feed an army because these things just take off, I did not believe him. However, as you can see in the before and after photo, the zucchini plants are taking off and taking over!!!

They are even forming their gorgeous yellow flowers, which will bud into zucchinis.

As you can see too, we have tomatoes! They are green for now and are not quite ready for harvesting, but they are full and plump.

Currently, the tomato plants are sturdy with our set up from our previous post.

Anyways, that’s enough for now! The pictures are better than words to show our progress! We hope you will be encouraged by these beautiful pictures to start your own garden to grow your own food for healthy, delicious, home-grown, organic food!

How’s your garden progressing? We would love to hear! Comment below!

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