Almond-Coconut Chia Pudding

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If you are avoiding dairy, this recipe is great for breakfast! Add any toppings you prefer. You can add fruit, nuts, coconut, or granola! It is super easy, but you need to make the pudding the night before to solidify for the next morning. I added in a dash of full … Read More

Gluten-Free, Refined Sugar-Free Banana Bread

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I absolutely LOVE Banana Bread. It is my kryptonite. But the problem with banana bread is it is HIGH in refined sugars!!! And then add on the glaze on top of banana bread (as you see at Starbucks), and there you go again more refined sugars! Banana bread contains AT … Read More

No Sugar Greek Yogurt Breakfast Inspiration

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Recently, I have completely eliminated refined sugars. Before I started weaning off of sugar, it was INCREDIBLY hard for me to find breakfast inspiration that did not include sugar (or even sweeteners). Years before I started my “food is medicine” journey, a typical breakfast consisted of a high sugar scone, … Read More

Butternut Squash Soup

Chris Goodrich, MD0 Comments

This recipe is a perfect fall meal, providing loads of healthy plant-based carbs/fiber along with some good fats. Its also extremely hands off, involving only 10 minutes of actual hands on time. Most of the time here comes from roasting the butternut squash. Roasting is definitely worthwhile compared to using … Read More

Beet Salad Recipe

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This delicious, fresh salad is one of our favorites to make during the summer using our harvested garden veggies. This salad is also great in the fall when beets are numerous at Farmer’s Markets! We combined our garden-fresh spiral beets, greens from the garden, along with an organic spring mix, … Read More